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The following are excerpts from letters we have received from a few of our satisfied customers.

A sewer/plumbing customer had this to say about us:

Dear Jeff,

Just a word of “thanks” for all of your good efforts in resolving our sanitary/sewer issues.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and we are so very happy to have our plumbing back in service.

I would recommend you to anyone in a “heartbeat”. You and your staff were great. Thanks again.

A septic system customer had this to say:

Dear Mr. Dooley,

A few weeks ago, you and your crew did some major repairs on our septic system. We appreciate your quality work, expertise and service-oriented attitude.

About 1 year ago, I randomly picked your company out of the phone book to pump out our septic system. The employee who came out to do the work was helpful in diagnosing another problem. After some discussion on the cost and scope of the additional work, he provided an estimate and then headed for his truck while I went back into the house.

A few minutes later, he knocked on my door holding a $20 bill in his hand.

“The money fell out only to be retrieved by your employee.”
“Is this your $20?” he asked. “I found it in the driveway by the truck.”

I didn’t know where it could have come from or why it was in the driveway. He said he didn’t think it was his and that it probably belonged to me. He placed it in my hand, I said “Thanks” and off he went.

After some discussion with my wife and kids, we realized that my daughter received a birthday card from her grandmother that day and opened it on the way back from the mail box. The money fell out only to be retrieved by your employee.

So I called back 1 year later to do the bigger job not just because of your quality work, but also because of the high standards and moral character of one of your employees. It reflects well upon you and your company.

Thanks again for the great work…we will recommend you to anyone who may need your services.

Another satisfied customer wrote this:

Dear Dooley Septic-Pro,

Just a little note to say “THANK YOU” for all of your help! Not only did you send help ASAP, but the lady I spoke with was so friendly and understanding.

The Gentleman who did the job was so polite and did the job so quickly and so well!

I am so satisfied with your service and I promise you that I will refer all of my friends and family to you and your business! If you ever need someone with a satisfied smile to represent your business – call me!

A Full-Service Plumbing customer wrote this:

Cindy and John,

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for all of your help and for taking care of everything so quickly. You made a bad situation into an easy experience.

Thanks again!

Another Full-Service Plumbing customer wrote to say:

Jeff & Associates,

I just want to tell you how much we appreciate the great service you provided at our home. You came highly recommended to give us a second opinion on our sewage backup in our basement. Your employee’s knowledge saved us thousands of dollars. I will definitely recommend you to my clients!

Here’s a very happy plumbing customer:

Dear Mr. Dooley,

You and your employees:

  • Agreed to do the project work needed here on this property where conditions for such work are extremely tough for equipment, maneuvering, digging and accessibility.
  • Came to complete one project but when the more difficult project became apparent, proceeded with additional work without flinching.
  • Provided a list of possible solutions in an increasing order of complexity that might be needed.
  • Gave clear, direct information based on experience regarding options as the project began, progressed and was completed.
  • Provided valuable advice regarding interactions with the Greene County Health Department.
  • Provided a clear contract with parameters that allowed me to know what to expect when work began.
  • Did minimal damage to our woodland while accomplishing this project with very difficult conditions of maneuverability trees and brush eliminated were less desirable hackberry and Japanese honeysuckle while oak, walnut and hickory were preserved.
  • Worked to ensure that we only needed to spend one night away while the system was unusable.
  • Asked about leaving behind limestone chunks unearthed during project which I can use to re-terrace the area behind my house.
  • Left a quantity of gravel for my use after asking me if I wanted it to remain on my property.
  • Laughed at my jokes.

Thank you for completing the replacement of our tank and outflow pipe so capably. We are happy to recommend your work to anyone in need of professionally completed septic service. We’ll be making appointments in odd-numbered years from now on to maintain our system responsibly.

We are grateful for Dooley Septic-Pro and all those working for your business.

Another happy customer from Springfield, Ohio

I had Dooley Plumbing at the house today for a clogged toilet, this was the 3rd service call to have work done. Thank you for the great service your service techs provide.

After poor experiences with other plumbing services and feeling like I had been ripped off, I randomly chose Dooley and I have not been disappointed. I’m grateful for the peace of mind of knowing I’ll get professional quality service, reasonable prices for services rendered and nice people who don’t make me feel uncomfortable in my own home.

I will without a doubt recommend you to others. Thank you! Kim C.